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Sr. Software Engineer - Ad Code Ops ( Fulltime | Remote)

New York, NY

Senior Software Engineer is a lead engineering role with a wide range of responsibilities, including design and development, extensive code reviewing and debugging, mentoring of other team members, and serving as technical lead on the team. This role is on the Ad Code Ops team, which is focused on the optimal and intelligent delivery of ad code to over 3000 publisher sites, allowing those sites to monetize their traffic at the highest level possible. In this senior role, you will leverage your experience with edge computing and caching, cloud infrastructure, and architectural principles that result in high performance and optimal execution. An important part of this role is to communicate concepts and plans to other team members so we are raising our collective expertise. This position reports to the Senior Engineering Manager for the Ad Code Ops team.

Beyond experience in a lead development role, we focus on the qualities we feel are important to success on our team.  These include:
  • Energetic and Inspiring - an engaging technical leader who brings pace and urgency to their work and inspires others to do the same
  • Systems-Minded - an abstract thinker, able to apply their experience in the design/architecture of systems, with an emphasis on how to properly measure success through testing
  • Detail Oriented - You obsess over design plans, ensuring all aspects of the system are accounted for
  • Self Sufficient - Able to organize a team and define processes without micromanagement
  • Forward Thinker - Always looking for ways to improve, and looking ahead to how new technologies can be leveraged to achieve our goals

Skills and Experience
  • Experience building an AWS serverless architecture (Lambda@Edge, Cloudfront, API Gateway, S3, DynamoDB) to scale for high traffic and high throughput
  • Experience deploying and managing systems in AWS, with exposure or understanding of at least one other cloud provider
  • Experience delivering optimized javascript to browsers to maximize page speed and reduce negative effects on web vitals
  • Experience writing test strategies and plans, executing tests, analyzing data and summarizing results
  • Experience building and releasing Infrastructure-As-Code (IAC) in a controlled environment with an understanding of full-lifecycle configuration management.
  • Experience with web infrastructure fundamentals: TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP/2, QUIC, API design patterns, etc.
  • Embraces DevOps practices and has straddled the world of systems/infrastructure and app development
  • Ad tech experience is a plus (Ad serving, DFP/GAM, Header Bidding, Prebid.js)

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