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Data Integration Engineer

Newark, NJ

This is a unique opportunity for an imaginative and creative individual, passionate about technology and interested in finding new ways to leverage our data to better serve our teams and clients.

The Integration Engineer works as part of a team of experts in the development, design, and administration of the application systems at the Firm, and reports to the IT Applications Manager. This role has specific support, operational, technical, and creative responsibility over Firm-wide database technologies, finance systems, BI functions, data integrations, SharePoint environment, and enterprise workflow. 

As a member of the Applications Team, you will collaborate with and support our professional colleagues, IT teams, and external partners by serving as a point person for resolution of data integration, accounting systems, and SharePoint environment service tickets. You will also conduct technical design, deliver custom coding, develop data integrations, and create documentation for solutions and integrations. You will get to exercise your broad knowledge of IT disciplines including application development, database knowledge, SQL automation, data ETL methods, Sharepoint, scripting, and coding to plan and accomplish goals.

As an Integration Engineer, you will:
  • Work closely with a team of talented data engineers to brainstorm and implement creative ways to answer some of the Firm's most challenging questions that unlock new revenue and/or cost-saving opportunities
  • Act as the primary support contact for incident and service ticket escalations relating to firm data integration automation and data-centric applications.
  • Collaborate with other data enthusiasts to design, develop, document, and support the Firm's data-centric systems and underlying integrations that rely on them, using your experience with various coding languages, ETL tools and methods, and your creativity. 
  • Take ownership of data, SQL report writing, SQL data queries, data transformations, integration jobs, and documentation, including creating dataflow diagrams.
  • Proactively recognize and Identify opportunities for improvement within the Firm’s current data-centric solutions, and propose and implement new processes to enhance efficiencies.
  • Work collaboratively to develop, implement, manage, and document the Firm's SQL master data management database,  secure “self-service” solutions, and the data flows between various systems, to allow the firm to quickly access relevant information.
  • Take on special projects as assigned by Application Manager or Director of IT

  • You are an intellectually curious individual who enjoys asking questions. Not knowing an answer to a question bothers you, and you will stop at nothing to find a meaningful answer
  • You have a creative, yet analytical mind, and have found effective and creative ways to quickly slice and pivot data for analytical purposes
  • You are a self-starter who enjoys developing solutions to help your team and have built a reputation for being able to lead a project from inception to completion
  • You can clearly articulate complex ideas to someone who might not have the same level of understanding about the data as you, because you have superb communication skills and demonstrated client service experience
  • While developing a solution, you are able to thoroughly document the steps you took to arrive at the outcome and highlight any important caveats about the data along the way
  • You take pride in being thorough as well as educating others to fully understand your approach to data integrations.
  • You find it fun thinking critically and creatively with others to find solutions to challenging problems.
  • You have a passion for data, and find yourself using it to defend your position or to support a new decision.
  • You consider yourself to be an essential part of the team, are happy to help others, and eager to share knowledge and skills because you love technology and enjoy the idea of supporting your colleagues.

  • Fluent in SQL and comfortable writing queries that leverage advanced SQL notation
  • Comfortable with metadata management and data quality concepts
  • You have experience developing applications or solutions using one or more of the following: C#, VB.NET, T-SQL, SharePoint development, and PowerShell
  • You have an enterprise perspective of data integration and experience with data ETL concepts and tools such as IntApp Integration Builder.
  • You have hands-on experience with SharePoint development or a desire to develop a mastery.
  • You have expertise with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • You have exposure to BPM and Workflow Design tools and platforms such as Nintex, IntApp Open, or similar
  • You have a familiarity with BI platforms and concepts
  • You have a familiarity Enterprise Search platforms and concepts like Handshake, BAInsight, Recommind, or similar.

Qualities we admire
  • Curious: You are a lifelong learner and are driven to answer unanswered questions
  • Hands-On: You are willing to get your hands dirty in order to accomplish the task at hand. You have a personal mantra of “there’s always a way…”
  • Data-Driven: You leverage data to support your opinions and find that more detail is always preferable.
  • Honest: You’re willing to admit you don’t know the answer or that you have made a mistake. You consider analysis a moral endeavor and strive to prepare truthful output independent of any potential consequence.
  • Audible: You speak up when you disagree or don’t understand something. There are no rockstars. We want to hear what you think.
  • Master of Your Craft: You take pride in your work and strive to learn more to hone your skills.

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