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Revenue Analyst

Newark, NJ

The Revenue Analyst should have a proven background in receivables and collections, should have strong computer, analytical, and communications skills, and be able to multi-task.
Candidate must be able to work well within a team environment.

Essential Functions
  • It shall be the responsibility of the Revenue Analyst to provide collection support to all assigned Billing Partners. This would include contacting clients, establishing peer relationships, and troubleshooting issues through resolution. The Analyst should follow up with the Billing Partner regarding the status of clients in their charge, recording all pertinent information in our Star Collect database.
  • The Revenue Analyst will provide support to the Revenue Manager and assist with various projects and report generation as needed.
  • When needed, the Analyst will assist in cash applications, report distribution, or other duties required by the Manager. The Analyst should also provide backup to other Analyst(s) in times of their absence.
  • On a monthly basis, the Analyst shall print statements of account and either mail them directly or if so desired by the Billing Partner, have them sent to the attorney for review.
  • As part of the daily activities, the Analyst should review the assigned partners aging report looking for discrepancies, deductions or clients in arrears and then follow up with the partner or client to resolve and/or collect funds due the Firm.
  • On a daily basis, the Analyst should review invoice status thru eBillingHub and/or the various E-Billing sites to determine payment status.
  • As part of the collections activities, the Analyst shall maintain a record of all contacts and conversations therewith in a manner which can be transmitted to others in the firm as required by the Partner, COO, Controller or Manager for review. Analyst will meet semi-monthly, or as often as requested, with the Manager to provide updates and projections on current activity.
  • If at any time a problem develops with a Billing Partner or client, it should immediately be brought to the attention of the Manager.

Additional Duties
The Analyst must be thoroughly trained in cash application and other systems and procedures employed by the Revenue Group. It is important that introductions be made to all in Finance, along with all assigned Billing Partners. Must collaborate with the billing and/or the payables area to resolve any invoice issues in order to ensure prompt payment to the Firm. The Analyst is encouraged to visit with billing partners that are located in offices different from theirs, perhaps either with the Manager or one of the Revenue Group staff. Notify Billing Partners of expected payments and payment receipt, as well as thanking client contacts for payment efforts, in order to keep lines of communication open and courteous.

Skills: (Equipment/Technical/Managerial Required)

Knowledge of all office equipment and the use thereof. Most essential, proficient computer skills and thorough experience in the use of programs such as Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, Elite Legal Billing System, and Star*Collect. Excellent writing/communication skills, along with ability to multi-task.

Education and Training Required
  • College graduate, prefer degree in Business Administration/Management, Accounting or Computer Science with Concentration in Accounting/Finance.
  • Three to five years experience in Accounts Receivable, Credit and Collections, or other related business experiences exhibiting the noted skill sets.
  • Law firm experience required.


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