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Senior Paralegal - Audit

New York, NY

Responsible for important firm administrative duties, including, primarily (a) coordinating the Firm's audit letter process and (b) assisting in day to day lawyer regulatory matters and internal Firm work in all offices of the firm worldwide. Administratively reports to Senior Legal Counsel. Interacts frequently with attorneys in all offices of the Firm, members of the Office of Attorney Development, Professional Responsibility Committee, General Counsel and Senior Legal Counsel and other Firm administrators and support staff in Firm regulatory matters; and with all firm attorneys in facilitating timely completion of audit letters.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Coordinates the Firm’s Audit Letter Process
  • Receives audit inquiries from firm attorneys in NY, DC, London, and Frankfurt, and directly from clients and their external accountants. Approximately 450 audit responses and updates are currently produced per year (2020).
  • Reviews prior responses for disclosures to be updated; contacts relevant attorneys for updates, if needed.
  • Runs billing reports program for names of attorneys who have worked on relevant client matters.
  • Circulates surveys to relevant attorneys for information requested in the audit letter, including pending/threatened litigation and other claims.
  • Ensures timely response to surveys, re-circulating and calling when necessary.
  • Obtains descriptions of disclosable matters identified by relevant attorneys.
  • Drafts audit letter responses and coordinates review and signature by appropriate partner.
  • Completes distribution of responses: emails and mails responses to clients’ external accountants, clients, signing partner and relevant secretary, and e-files distribution email.
  • Maintains Excel document detailing stages of preparation of each response.
  • Communicates with the Firm’s clients and clients’ external accountants.
Assists with Firm Regulatory Matters
  • Organizes and maintains malpractice and EPLI insurance binders.
  • Organizes and maintains minutes of Firm meetings.
  • Organizes and maintains minute of Governance Committee meetings.
  • Collects and organizes new decisions in the area of lawyer regulation and risk management.
  • Organizes and maintains confidential Firm files.
  • Organizes and maintains confidential partner documents, including admissions agreements, offer letters, withdrawal and retirement, and consulting agreements.
  • Tracks amendments, revisions or changes in individual agreements with Firm Partners re their partnership arrangements.
  • Updates, organizes and keeps track of files related to Trust Agreements with foreign Firm offices.
  • Same with regard to a wide variety of confidential and important firm matters.
  • Organizes, prepares and maintains files of waivers obtained for specific firm matters.
  • Manages input and upkeep of the firm’s Contracts Database.
  • Manages input and upkeep of the Firm Management Database.
  • Performs administrative tasks relating to all matters of Firm Management, including changes to the Partnership Agreement, partners’ participation in various firm investment vehicles, Credit Agreement compliance and amendments, risk management, confidentiality agreements, CLE compliance, firm policies and procedures, firm leases, audits, immigration documentation and work visas, litigation, trademarks, LLP filings, etc.
  • Functions in an administrative capacity generally, performing document searches, creating charts, letters, memos, indexes, filing systems, etc., as needed.
Education: B.A. required.
Experience: Three to five years’ experience as a paralegal at a top tier large law firm.
Skills and Abilities: Extensive experience understanding, organizing and keeping track of important and confidential information. Ability to communicate effectively with attorneys, peers and subordinates; ability to manage upwards and downwards; ability to act with a high degree of integrity, autonomy and independence; ability to maintain complete confidentiality; ability to work effectively with others. Ability to work under stress with interruptions and tight deadlines; ability to use independent judgment; ability to work proactively, anticipate project needs and find creative solutions to problems; intellectual curiosity; creativity; high performance standards and attention to detail; achievement orientation; excellent verbal and written skills. Proficiency with various software programs including Outlook, Word, Excel, and use of the Internet. Will need to use computer software extensively. All positions require punctuality and regular attendance.

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