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Senior Analyst, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

New York City, NY

The Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCP/DR) Senior Analyst role is to ensure the security, integrity, and recovery of core business infrastructure systems, networks, telecom, and applications data across the entire Firm. Responsibilities include designing and implementing disaster recovery processes/solutions, and business continuity procedures for re-establishing servers, databases, and operating systems data and connectivity in the event of a disruption, both minor and catastrophic. This person will also perform and analyze disaster simulations for the prompt restoration of services, and conduct relevant risk management audits where applicable. Protecting the firm’s data and ensuring off site backups/replications are validated and successfully restored on a periodic basis.

  • Bachelor’s degree in related field required
  • Minimum of 4+ years’ experience working in Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery role
  • Certifications in ITIL, Agile, and/or other technical acumen (Microsoft, Cisco) a plus
  • Broad hands-on knowledge of disaster recovery planning and other industry-standard techniques and best practices
  • In-depth knowledge of all types of disasters, natural or otherwise, and their effect on company technologies
  • Broad hands-on knowledge of backup/restoration technologies, techniques and best practices
  • Knowledge of applicable practices and laws relating to data privacy and protection
  • Ability to conduct research into recovery and security issues and products as required
  • High level of analytical and problem-solving abilities
  • Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment
  • Solid project management skills
  • Ability to work within a team-oriented, collaborative environment and independently when applicable
  • Strong interpersonal, written, and verbal communications skills
  • Strategic and creative thinking

  • Develop and establish disaster recovery procedures for the restoration of mission-critical business applications/services in the event of natural disasters, technical failures, power outages, and human interference
  • Manage and coordinate all aspects of actual recovery plan implementation and efforts, including initial emergency response, recovery procedures, and business resumption processes
  • Collaborate with IT department and other key personnel to determine if changes in hardware or software configurations affect disaster recovery plan outcomes
  • Conduct research on emerging products, services, protocols, and standards in support of contingency planning and development efforts
  • Engage and interact with vendors, outsourcers, and contractors to obtain protection services and products
  • Develop, implement, maintain, and oversee enforcement of policies, procedures and associated plans for disaster recovery administration and business continuity based on industry-standard best practices
  • Ensure that company equipment, systems, services, and facility are compliant with disaster recovery plans and procedures
  • Ensure the preservation of vital information, data, or media through diligent maintenance of hard copies and backup & recovery solutions
  • Continually conduct simulations and test runs of system disruptions in order to revise and perfect recovery and continuity plans 
  • Perform daily monitoring and management of the backup solution implemented within the infrastructure.
  • Monitor backup jobs, execute restore jobs, troubleshoot failed jobs, and initiate corrective action.
  • Provide status and progress reports for backup environment related activities and tasks,
  • Perform reliable, secure backup and recovery across the enterprise in accordance with our policy and procedures.
  • Continuous on-call availability

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