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Software Engineer II - Ad Code Ops

US, Remote

Looking for a Software Engineer to join our quickly growing engineering team.  You will be responsible for the development and design of new features of our Ad Code product that is deployed on over 3,600 sites that reach over 199MM monthly unique users. This role will utilize your expertise to build a high performing cloud based delivery platform.  You will leverage your experience with edge computing and caching, cloud infrastructure, and architectural principles that result in intelligent and optimal execution of our code, to help deliver solutions that help our clients effectively monetize their traffic. You will actively participate in code reviews, documentation, testing, and performance considerations throughout the feature development lifecycle.

The skills and experience you’ll bring to the job
  • Building an AWS serverless architecture (Lambda@Edge, Cloudfront, API Gateway, S3, DynamoDB) to scale for high traffic and high throughput
  • Deploying and managing systems in AWS, with exposure or understanding of at least one other cloud provider
  • Writing pipeline and infrastructure deployment code (we use TypeScript)
  • Delivering optimized JavaScript to browsers to maximize page speed and reduce negative effects on web vitals
  • Writing test strategies and plans, executing tests, analyzing data and summarizing results
  • Building and releasing Infrastructure-As-Code (IAC) in a controlled environment with an understanding of full-lifecycle configuration management.
  • Web infrastructure fundamentals: TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP/2, QUIC, API design patterns
  • DevOps practices and has straddled the world of systems/infrastructure and app development
  • Ad tech experience is a plus. We welcome the opportunity to teach anyone with a passion to learn (Ad serving, DFP/GAM, Header Bidding, Prebid.js)

Qualities of the ideal candidate
  • Problem Solver - You quickly understand and work with complex code, able to break down business requirements into code.
  • Accountability/Organized - You are detail-oriented in your work and emphasize code ownership and understand its importance within the system.
  • Passionate/Curiosity - You are positive and have an enthusiastic attitude toward your work, excited to learn new technologies and implement them in current systems.
  • Flexible/Adaptable - You quickly adjust to changes within requirements of a project, within the team, or organization.
  • Communicative - You are a proactive and clear communicator, willing to be a mentor and teach others on the team.
  • Empathetic - You understand and appreciate others. You effectively work with teammates providing encouragement and useful feedback in code reviews and projects.

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