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Lead DevOps Engineer (Fulltime | Remote)

US, Remote

Seeks an experienced DevOps engineer to drive the implementation of a highly resilient and scalable Azure environment. As a key technical lead engineer of our DevOps team, this role will lead initiatives to optimize cloud-based services, databases, and pipelines. The DevOps engineer will utilize technologies including Docker Containers, Kubernetes Clusters, IIS, Elastic/Kibana, Octopus, and RabbitMQ to deliver core SAAS products. Additionally, your Cloud Networking experience will be vital in troubleshooting server and service communication. The successful candidate will come with a passion for driving system reliability, scalability, operational efficiency, and proactive monitoring/management.

As the DevOps Lead Engineer your role entails spearheading the integration of DevOps methodologies and strategies across our development and deployment processes for technical solutions. This involves securing buy-in from our technical leadership team as you initiate changes. Your interpersonal skills will be crucial in leading your DevOps team, overseeing project workflow, and collaborating closely with our Quality Manager to ensure the final product meets quality and reliability benchmarks. Your responsibilities encompass direct supervision of solution implementation, deployment, and integration, and ensuring their successful product delivery. Additionally, you will be involved in planning, building, configuring, and testing solutions, maintaining systems, reviewing, and approving new code, and executing automation tasks. You are entrusted with managing all facets of solution deployment and technical operations.

  • Lead engineering practices across teams to enhance efficiency, advocating for and implementing DevOps strategies and objectives.
  • Supervise the implementation, deployment, and integration of solutions, ensuring successful delivery, high quality, and sustainability, overseeing all aspects of solution deployment and technical operations.
  • Manage the DevOps team (5 positions), mentoring for career growth, maintaining standards of quality and efficiency, and providing technical guidance and collaborative problem-solving to developers.
  • Hold a remote managerial position with a minimum of 50% hands-on contribution, resolving infrastructure, application, and deployment issues through troubleshooting.
  • Design and deploy monitoring and alerting systems for cloud infrastructure and applications, ensuring security, availability, and scalability.
  • Conduct system testing, maintenance, and participate in automation testing and deployment, evaluating and approving new code contributions.
  • Handle the management and optimization of Azure services, Linux and Windows based platforms, Kubernetes clusters, Docker containers, Azure storage solutions, and CI/CD pipelines.
  • Manage Azure Resources including database servers, GIT repositories and branches, and implement and manage logging and full stack monitoring solutions.
  • Implement, manage, and troubleshoot Octopus, Elastic/Kibana, and RabbitMQ.

  • Two years of DevOps team management experience, emphasizing strong communication and collaboration skills.
  • 7+ years of experience as a DevOps or Systems Engineer.
  • Expert knowledge of Azure and Microsoft technologies, including Azure CLI, PowerShell, Cloud Security, and Azure Management Tools.
  • Infrastructure Experience with cloud providers, preferably Azure, and familiarity with CI/CD tools, Docker, Kubernetes clusters, Azure DevOps Repositories, Pipelines, Releases, App Services, Insights, Gateway, DNS, Traffic Manager, and configuring commercial SSL certificates,
  • Demonstrated success in implementing measurable improvements through new DevOps strategies, with five years of software delivery experience in a production environment.
  • Proficiency in overseeing and hands-on implementation of DevOps pipelines, database scripts, Kubernetes, Terraform, scripting, and Docker.
  • Understanding of networking concepts such as TCP/IP, DNS, and Load Balancers, and knowledge of monitoring and alerting tools like Datadog.
  • A Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or a relevant field is required.

  • Passionate about continuous learning.
  • Proficient in designing goal-oriented interviewing and hiring procedures.
  • Skilled in collaborating across departments to enhance business processes.
  • Solid comprehension of REST and cloud architecture.
  • Proficiency in Azure DevOps.
  • Experience using YAML in conjunction with Azure DevOps.
  • One year of experience in C# software development.
  • Skill in overseeing the integration of Azure DevOps pipelines, Azure Repos, and SonarSource.
  • Familiarity with Elasticsearch and Kibana.
  • Experience with monitoring tools such as Datadog, Dynatrace, Splunk, Nagios.
  • Knowledge of Nuget repository management.
  • Experience with Octopus and RabbitMQ.


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